Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:

When the ready to cook patties arrive to me, will they be frozen or fresh.  Can I freeze them if I don't want to eat all 6 patties right away? 

Answer 1: 

When you receive the Smoking Shiitake Brazilian Burgers they will be ready for a hot skillet or ready to freeze.  When we manufacture this product, we flash freeze it to preserve its shape and freshness until shipment.  The insulated box and ice blocks keep it at refrigerated temperatures for up to 48 hours after shipping.  Because there is no meat, dairy or gluten in this product, you can easily freeze the patties once they arrive.  

Question 2: 

I don't live too far away from Elizabethtown, PA.  Do you have store hours where I can buy the product in person so I can save on the shipping costs? 

Answer 2: 

We do NOT have a retail store location with fixed hours.  However, you can schedule a time to pick-up your order in person by calling the BCK office direct.  

Office: 717-367-7339

Question 3: 

Do you have a restaurant where we can eat your food creations? 

Answer 3: 

No, we do not have a restaurant at this time.  We are a manufacturer of fine foods and distribute primarily through online sales and direct shipping.